How Entrepreneurs & CEOs Turn Marketing Dollars Into Profit.

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"Clem Lisitski and I want to thank you for your personal coaching. We are so excited about our business more than ever! It is a transformative process, a journey we are ready to embark on. We are set to take on 2020 with your guidance and determination!!"

Tania Lisitski

"Your course is amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their business to another level!"

Andre Jackson

"I've completed one week long training with Jamie, started personal coaching with her and have now started a second week long training. I can honestly say that this is one of the best return on investments I've ever received! I'm thinking differently, acting differently and seeing different and much better results than before! Even when I listen to lessons for a second or third time I always hear something different that helps me even more. Thank you Jamie for your professionalism and expertise and for taking my business to the next level...and then more!"

Joel Cocker

"Jamie Kight is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to take their business to another level! She brings so much insight and I look forward to chatting with her and her team for a long time coming."

Julene Chilton

"Earlier this week I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a true mastermind of the marketing industry. A HUGE thank you to JK Premier Marketing CEO Jamie Kight. You’re insightful feedback and business growth advice is invaluable. 2020 is going to be pretty epic for The Holt Group and we’re stoked for you to have a hand in it!! If you haven’t met Jamie yet you need to...your business can’t afford NOT to!"

Pillar to Post - The Holt Group

"I attended one of Jamie's Pro classes for the first time. We are learning about building loyal clients through Social Media. Wow, talk about someone who brings it. She is professional and no fluff. I love that she is results driven. Amazing job so far, can't wait to learn more."

Bret Dethlefsen

"Jamie Kight I have learned so much in the past month that I have been receiving your coaching. My business is completely transforming! I cannot wait to head into 2020 with you"

Meldyn Begier

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